business solutionWhen attempting to come up with a business solution to bring down costs and increase efficiency, organizations can get sidetracked by the wrong things, unsure of where they should actually be focusing. These little details add up to a huge distraction, resulting in delayed deployments, implementations that go off the rails, projects going over budget, and frustrated clients and employees.

One of the reasons ClickSoftware is so highly regarded in Field Service Management is its ability to easily categorize all of an organization’s details into something more straightforward and manageable. This centralized view of things enables an organization to look at the big picture when it comes to numbers and figures.

When that’s achieved, the challenge then becomes which of these details you focus on to achieve your organization’s objectives. If you focus on the wrong things, it results in wasted time, money, and resources. The other piece of the puzzle comes in finding a partner to help your organization focus on which of these details is the most important, and making sure your Field Service Management solution is doing what you need it to do.

Once you’re able to focus on the basics of where change is needed, and which details are the most import- ant for your organization’s unique situation, you’re set up to be successful.

The basics

A major component in where the correct prioritization is essential, is appointment grading and selection. This is one of the details businesses often get wrong.

When appointments are graded and selected correctly, your organization:

• Field Service ManagementReduces Costs
• Has More Time On-Sites
• Has More Overall Capacity
• Sees Reduced Overlap
• Has Faster Turn Around

When they’re not, your organization:

• Has Technician Overlap
• Wastes Time and Money
• Misses Additional Opportunities to Reduce Time and Costs
• Loses Capacity
• Has Slower Service

Every ticket created in Field Service Management has a value, looking at the wrong details decreases that value. Let’s say, in an effort to increase productivity, your organization is focusing only on getting jobs done sooner. Depending on your organization’s objectives, this could be taking you completely in the wrong direction.

With the assistance of an experienced Field Service Management solution partner you will identify the objectives, gain visibility to the appropriate data, and perhaps find that your appointments should be graded to reduce travel, instead. It may seem counterintuitive, but if call center employees aren’t thinking about how they’re booking, and instead just opting with the first available appointment, you are not functioning at maximum efficiency. Technicians could be wasting time and money driving excessive distances between appointments, in turn, spending less-time on-site, which loses money for the organization overall.

At the same time, always choosing travel over efficiency can still result in a problem. Appointment grading can change depending on different scenarios involved, and because of this, and the uniqueness of every organization, having someone assist your business by creating a customized solution is preferable over endless trial and error.

The best solution is one made just for you

The right Field Service Management solution is one that makes sense for your organization; meaning it takes into account your leadership, employees, shareholders, and customers. That said, with so many stakeholders involved, ensuring an objective and accurate assessment, in a timely fashion, can be challenging. So in order for you to get back to your own basics, consider finding a partner who can identify, analyze, and work with you on an individual level. This helps avoid mistakes, saves time, money, and frustration, and keeps your business moving forward.

More on this topic will be discussed at Diabsolut and Vivint’s Workshop, at this year’s Field Service USA event. If you are unable to attend, please contact us, no strings attached, to discuss if Diabsolut can help you achieve your Field Service Management objectives.