Forecasting and planning by ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware’s forecasting and planning capabilities is a tool built to support better long-term decision making and resource capacity planning. Organizations with variable workloads often struggle to match service demand with available resources and ensure the correct staffing levels are maintained. In the absence of a crystal ball that allows service companies to see into the future and know ahead of time the demands that will be placed on their resources.

Diabsolut FSM offers a team of professionals who will work with your organization to assess your demand forecasting processes and analyze how you currently address staffing demands.

Diabsolut’s expertise with ClickSoftware’s forecasting and planning solutions and our deep operational understanding help you stay one step ahead, both of your customer’s needs and your competition.

Accurately define the forecasted demands based on seasonality, industry trends, or organizational changes:

  • Identify source of workload distribution issues
  • Proactively address resource shortages
  • Utilize sub-contractors effectively
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