Mobile workforce management by ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware mobile workforce management and Diabsolut FSM solutions deliver proven mobility solutions for field service organizations seeking up-to-the-second communication and information for mission-critical as well as day-to-day field operations.

As customer service demands increase and customer experience becomes more and more of a differentiator amongst service companies, a reliable and sustainable mobile workforce management system grows in importance.

Today’s field worker needs to be fully enabled with a complete mobile solution to allow them to receive and provide information from anywhere, anytime. This is now a business imperative for all service organizations.

Experience the following benefits from Diabsolut FSM and ClickSoftware’s mobile workforce management solutions:

• Secure corporate IT system for field workers
• Integrate a mobile solution with enterprise applications and networks
• Contain mobile costs
• Reduce number of phone calls to technicians
• Decrease the number of data entry errors

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