ClickSoftware Service Analytics (ClickDashboard)

Business intelligence gathers meaningful data that provides the edge over competitors, allowing you to make important decisions with confidence. The effective measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) arms decision makers with critical insight into departmental performance, enabling them to identify changing trends.

ClickSoftware’s Service Analytics funnels role-specific business intelligence directly into the hands of the decision makers to facilitate real-time and long-term planning.

This intelligence translates to a set of fact-based concepts and methods, designed to provide visibility into critical situations at the operational level. Equally as important, this data permits an organization to measure its performance at a macro level, as a whole, or at the micro level, by measuring individual resources. This data remains vital to legitimizing your global operational strategy and daily operation choices, as it is no longer enough to depend on experience-based intuition and historical data alone.

Diabsolut is experienced in working with organizations to ensure they are getting the most out of the data they collect. As experts in ClickSoftware’s Service Analytics products, we assist businesses in learning to read and analyze data and apply optimal performance measurement practices.

Continually meet and exceed client expectations and mitigate issues before they arise with ClickSoftware’s Service Analytics.

• Continuous access to reports, both real-time and historic reports
• Customizable, automated reports for business leaders
• Full visibility into the key data related to operations
• Ability to zero in on the root causes of ineffective processes

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