7 things your customers want from you

There is nothing more damaging to a company’s brand reputation than poor customer service. In a hyperconnected world where competition is fierce, unhappy customers have multiple channels available to complain if things go wrong. Positive customer experiences and continual customer engagement are now more critical than ever as a competitive differentiator. Service levels provided from retailers, such as Amazon, Netflix and Uber, are driving expectations across the board, forcing other industries to play catch up.

Meeting rising customer expectations requires organizations and service leaders to shift their focus, empower their field service teams, and offer services that deliver value for the customer. Meeting an SLA is no-longer enough to keep customers, get them to spend more, or inspire them to refer new clients.

What do customers want?

Today, customers know, demand and expect far more. They want products that self-diagnose, service on their terms and on their schedule, as well as clear communication and transparency through minimal interaction with the vendor. Customers want:

  1. Narrow service windows – so they can avoid wasting time waiting for a field service worker to arrive.
  2. The ability to self-serve through a variety of channels – easy appointment booking with a choice of available time slots.
  3. Transparent, simple multi-channel communications – anytime, anywhere, via their preferred device.
  4. Technicians with real-time access to all their information – making it easier to add value to a service visit.
  5. To get the job done right, first time – getting the right skilled technician to the right location, with the right customer insights and knowledge with the right tools to deliver a right first-time job.
  6. Real-time notifications and service updates – real-time tracking of a field service worker’s location.
  7. Evidence that you care – they want to be understood, valued and engaged in an ongoing conversation. They want you to ask for their feedback, show them that you want to both understand their problems and solve them.

86% of consumers are willing to pay a premium—up to $25—to make the scheduling process more convenient; choosing specific technician arrival times, same-day service, weekend appointments, and guaranteed one-hour service windows.
Source: CSG International

97.5% of consumers want more control of the appointment scheduling process and prefer alternatives to calling providers for an appointment
Source: CSG International

More than 60% of consumers say that waiting a long time for a field service visit after booking an appointment makes for a bad customer experience.
Source: ClickSoftware

Leveraging field service technology to improve customer satisfaction
As pressure builds on enterprises to deliver differentiation, customer retention and value through the quality of customer experiences, field service platforms have a critical role to play. A powerful field service management solution can help improve customer engagement through convenient and transparent communications, while delivering measurable business value. When customers are empowered through technology to solve problems, gain visibility and control of their service requests, field service organizations are more likely to see repeat business and benefit from referrals, improved revenue and increased operational efficiencies.

Contact Diabsolut FSM today to find out how your organization can deliver field service excellence and keep your customers engaged, happy and loyal.


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