ClickConnect 2019 key takeaways

A couple of weeks ago the Diabsolut FSM team attended ClickConnect, ClickSoftware’s global customer conference held in Orlando, Florida.  The event was the largest user conference to date, with over 350 attendees including customers, prospects, and partners .This year’s event “Leading the Way with Service” featured a thought-provoking keynote from futurist and strategic advisor Daniel Burrus  on accelerating innovation in enterprise.

A wide array of industries were represented, including utilities, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and home healthcare. Attendees learned best practices from other industries to apply to their own operations. Some of the recurring themes from the event included:

  • The Criticality of Change Management: Attendees stressed how important it is to track both business metrics and employee engagement to get a true indication of the success of their field service management (FSM) solution adoption. They also stressed the importance of communication, recognition, and reward for all stakeholders throughout the change process.
  • Prioritize Employee Experience (EX) with Customer Experience: Attendees discussed the connection between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. As we prepare for the future of work and an increase in automated systems and processes, businesses that focus on positive EX create resiliency – and happy employees lead to happy customers.
  • The Cloud vs On-Premises Solutions: While there were a few different threads on this topic highlighting the benefits of moving from an on-premises FSM solution to the cloud, the Telecommunication User Group had a great discussion around the cloud as a key element of digital transformation, while also keeping in mind key considerations like security, accessibility, flexibility, and business agility.
  • Strategic Field Service Management: There were several customer case studies shared that highlight the importance of Click’s Schedule Optimization Services to help customers get the most out of their investment as business priorities change over time. There were also conversations around the importance of streamlining visibility into predicted service demand, available resources, and commitments with resource capacity planning.
  • Growth of Predictive Field Service: An increasing number of businesses are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to make more strategic and agile decisions in the field. Our product and data science team demonstrated how using predictions around task duration, route optimization, and demand, combined with real-time communication with customers, leads to a magical experience.
  • ClickSoftware and Salesforce: There was a great deal of excitement around Click and Salesforce joining forces to deliver the best FSM solution in the market.

The Diabsolut FSM team left this year’s ClickConnect feeling very excited about the future of field service.

Author: Katelyn Burrill, ClickSoftware