professional servicesFor a truly customer focused Professional Services partner, Customer Service Excellence is more than a business strategy. In order for a Professional Services partner to exceed your expectations, deliver exceptional results, and ensure client satisfaction, it requires enthusiastic involvement and engagement at every organizational level; their endeavor for the prosperity of your business must be inherent to that organizations’ corporate culture. When you work with an organization that exemplifies these ideals as an integral part of their ideology, the benefits to your business transformation are extraordinary.

Aligning with a partner that actively pursues your feedback

Your ideal Professional Services partner will develop a variety of specific initiatives in pursuit of this objective, from the moment your relationship is established through to post implementation adoption and support, and subsequently with continuous improvement programs. An example of this may come in the form of a structured, time-sensitive customer feedback program, which seeks to understand precisely what clients want, paying specific attention to the unique needs of your business transformation. The program utilizes carefully devised metrics to measure the activity (utilization), efficiency (productivity), and effectiveness (results) aspects of client satisfaction, with feedback sourced from multiple individuals at varying levels within your organization.

The positive impact of a well-designed, well-executed client feedback program is not be underestimated. Organizations who chose Professional Services partners that are focused on Customer Service Excellence benefit from business transformations that exceed program objectives and deliver long-term, exceptional results.

Which leads to the question, how can you identify if your partner offers a customer-focused program?

Key identifiers of a customer-focused program and the direct benefits

  1. Frequency of Communication = Support Throughout Evolvement

Business transformations are often enduring. Consideration needs to be given to the fact that organizations are dynamically evolving during the transformation process. Your organization is in a constant state of flux; adapting to shifts in industry trends and customer preferences, as well as attempting to differentiate from constant competitive pressure.

It is essential that your Professional Services partner is kept up-to-date about the relevant changes occurring in your organization. A partner that employs a program that includes frequent and regular intervals of communication, making them an extension of your business, serves to keep them informed. In turn, they gain a better understanding of your needs as a client and can detect and address opportunities and risks proactively.

  1. Levels of Communication = Opportunities to Exceed Expectations

Professional Services organizations are selected based on the knowledge, expertise and judgment of their professional resources. Experience has taught them to look at the bigger picture; that indifference to the entire organizational ecosystem can be detrimental to the success of their individual project. Your organizations’ true satisfaction is based on exceeding the expectations of multiple key individuals at varying levels and areas within the organization.

In order to fully capitalize on the value of these opinions for your organization, an optimal Professional Services partner is able to build trust and open lines of communication at every level. They will continually look for areas of improvement from your sponsors and stakeholders, as well as in delivery and customer service quality, to ensure collective overall customer service excellence and the elimination of missed opportunities.

  1. Depth of Communication = Optimal Business Transformation Efficiency & Effectiveness

The most successful business transformations occur when your Professional Services team is thoroughly engaged as an extension of your business. Operating as a silo from your organization often leads to misunderstood needs, misaligned objectives, longer implementation timelines, and anxiety amongst staff.

To realize this ideal, a Professional Services Organization focused on Customer Service Excellence has a program that includes a methodology and process to help build deeper client relationships as part of their everyday operations and client interactions. Simply put: maintaining an intimate relationship from the moment the partnership is established allows for increased efficiencies from the awareness of each other’s structures and systems, increased effectiveness from less miscommunication, improved goal alignment, and significantly shortened ramp-up and implementation timelines.

Actions speak louder than words

While many Professional Services Organizations commit to Customer Service Excellence as a business strategy, it is often lacking in pursuit. When organizations are able to achieve a highly customer focused relationship built on mutual understanding of purpose, the benefits to their clients as a trusted advisor are plentiful. The ideal Professional Services Organization’s understanding and commitment to customer excellence can become a valuable differentiator as they position you for optimal success. In the end, the deeper the relationship, the better your needs are served, the higher your client satisfaction, and the more effective the business transformation.

Diabsolut’s commitment to Customer Service Excellence is core to our corporate culture. Diabsolut actively pursues the continuous improvement of our clients through customer service excellence programs such as our:

  1. Voice of the Client (VOC) Initiative
  2. Continuous Improvement Program

Please contact us to learn more about how our focus on customer service excellence can benefit your organization and business transformation initiatives.