Choosing the right Field Service implementation partner for your project

When you’re ready to deploy a field service management solution, selecting the best software is only one part of the equation. Deploying any kind of enterprise software is a complex undertaking and a successful project also depends on finding the right partner. So how can you be sure you choose the right field service implementation partner for your project? 

Not all partners are created equal. You need the help of experienced experts to guide you through the process and help you achieve the benefits of your new system. Here are six questions you should be asking when choosing a partner:

1. Do they have proven field service implementation expertise?

It makes sense to choose a seasoned implementation partner, one that has plenty of experience, expertise and an excellent track record in field service deployments. All partners will claim that their methodologies and tools are proven and unique, but what you really need is a team of highly skilled consultants with extensive knowledge of every facet of a Field Service implementation as well as a thorough understanding of the solution. Field service spans numerous functional areas and often requires integration with multiple operational systems. Your partner must understand not only your chosen Field Service solution but also other platforms and systems your business uses.

2. Have they worked in your industry?

Many of your business requirements and processes are unique to your industry so it’s essential to work with partner that has specific domain expertise in your industry and speaks the same language as your employees. A partner who has knowledge in your sector will have a better understanding of industry best practices, regulations and requirements and how the new system will support your strategic goals. Don’t opt for generalist. Choose a partner with a track record of successful deployments with other organizations in your market.

3. Do they offer a comprehensive range of services to support successful implementation?

Look for a partner that offers a full menu of professional services to support you, no matter what stage you’re at in your business transformation journey. A good partner can help right from the start of your project, from business requirements gathering and business case creation all the way to post implementation services such as technical support, operational reviews and system optimization tuning. Their services should help you to mitigate risks, transfer knowledge to your employees to help support the solution and ensure that your technology investment meets both your current and future business requirements.

4. Do they offer customized solutions to cater for clients’ unique needs?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to designing technology solutions. Average partners will build solution architectures to fit the solutions they prefer to sell; exceptional partners will build a solution that’s tailored for your unique business requirements. Choose a partner who is invested in the success of their clients’ solution, with the ability to provide custom solutions and accelerators to solve specific customer business problems.

5. Do they have strong strategic partnerships to provide customers with additional innovative solutions?

Great partners will not only have successful long-term relationships with leading solution providers but will be constantly forging new alliances with emerging and complimentary technology companies. These relationships are what allow partners to keep up to date on new technologies and provide you with the most complete solution for your needs.

6. Are their existing clients happy to provide a reference?

You can tell a lot about a company from their clients. A true business partner will have their customers’ interests at heart, care about their success and believe in long-term partnerships rather than short-term sales goals. The best way to find a partner who is dedicated to understanding your business challenges and focused on delivering long-term benefits is to ask them for references beyond the customer testimonials on their website. Choose a partner who has long standing, loyal clients who will readily act as ambassadors for them as a trusted advisor.


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