Field Service Management Solutions

We offer innovative Field Service Management solutions to address the business needs of organizations across a wide range of industries.  We work closely with our customers to ensure they deliver exceptional field service, by giving them the best tools for the job. Together with ClickSoftware, we help clients to leverage the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things, to address their field service challenges, increase efficiency, lower costs and drive greater customer satisfaction.

Workforce Scheduling & Dispatch

  • Improves visibility of workload and enables an increase in the number of completed jobs per day
  • Configure the solution from manual to fully automated dispatch
  • Real-time communication with mobility & third-party systems
  • Real-time in-day optimization
  • Truth-based appointment booking
  • Live traffic updates for precise and accurate ETAs

Workforce Mobility

  • Real-time updates from the field
  • Increase first-time fix rate
  • Easy parts tracking and reporting
  • Automates work completion and timesheets
  • Forms and workflows configured based on work type
  • Enables capture of signatures, barcode scanning and file attachments
  • Access to complete customer and asset history

Customer Engagement

  • Appointment booking and rescheduling via mobile or web
  • Truth-based appointment slots
  • Improves customer communication with notifications and verifications
  • Reduces customer no-shows and costly calls to the call center
  • Accurate ETA and “where’s my tech?” features reduce customer wait times
  • Capture real-time feedback on service engagement with automated customer surveys


  • 24/7 access to real-time and historic fully automated reports
  • Complete visibility of crucial operational data for improved decision making
  • Ability to identify root causes of inefficiencies
  • Track KPIs to proactively identify areas for improvement

Demand Forecasting

  • Accurate forecasting of workload based on historical data
  • Greater cost control and increased SLA compliance
  • Improves resource utilization
  • Greater schedule accuracy
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Contractor Management

  • Gain visibility and easily define and adjust the capacity of your contractors
  • Strike the right balance between internal workforce and contractors
  • Real-time insight to contractor availability and their work progress
  • Provide a unified and consistent customer experience and protect your brand reputation

Capacity Planning

  • Ensure your organization has the right resources with the right skill sets available at the right time
  • Improves management of service costs and resource utilization
  • Identification of the areas of the business which can be addressed by a service partner or contractor
  • Increases value of schedule optimization with a workforce that matches demand
  • Reduce the number of incidents and their impact in the field
  • Customers receive a consistent service experience

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